Florida SweetTea Style
and WaterColor Store

Florida SweetTea Style
and WaterColor Store

The WaterColor Store has been known as a staple retailer in the WaterColor Town Center for nearly two decades, selling official WaterColor branded souvenir merchandise. Now managed by St. Joe Club & Resorts, a fresh new look with a Southern lifestyle feel was created for the store’s interior. St. Joe Club & Resorts enlisted the help of The Idea Boutique to create a new name, brand, and logo for this lifestyle expansion called Florida SweetTea Style.


In addition to the popular souvenir merchandise, the rebranded store includes other lifestyle products, local jewelry designers, and quality brands. The intent of this dual branding with two names and a variety of merchandise is two-fold: introducing a new retail outlet that represents all things Southern but also reassuring customers that the locale still sells the famed WaterColor resort merchandise they love. It’s dually branded with the intent for future expansion of Florida SweetTea Style to various locations that are managed by St. Joe Club & Resorts, such as WaterSound Beach.


The name Florida SweetTea Style reinforces that WaterColor (and any future locations) is a purveyor of the overall Southern lifestyle as well as the beach communities in Northwest Florida. After all, what’s more Southern than a cold glass of sweet tea?


The new Florida SweetTea Style logo embodies the Southern beach lifestyle with a large-brimmed sun hat. The hat immediately lets guests know this is a boutique carrying apparel and other lifestyle products. The classic typefaces can easily be transferred to other mediums such as merchandise. The bright orange color brings out the bright, sunny hues of life along the coast.


The logo was also implemented in new signage. An indoor wall sign and an exterior hanging sign were designed and ordered by The Idea Boutique to fit within the WaterColor community standards and represent the quality brand of Florida SweetTea Style.


The WaterColor Store retains the classic “sand, water, and sky” swatch logo that represents the community of WaterColor and is easily recognizable by guests here and throughout the country. Its presence on the storefront ensures guests know that they can find the resort branded items within the shop.


The store will continue to evolve and expand both purposefully and organically as customers understand that the merchandise is consistent with the branded products of the resort community but also enjoy brands that align with this, such as Peter Millar and Draper James by Reese Witherspoon. It’s a bigger story than the community of WaterColor; it’s the way of life along the Southern beaches and all that it embodies—a slower pace, gentility, hospitality, quiet elegance, a love of the beach, good food, and, of course, sipping sweet tea and mint juleps on the porch swing. This store is only steps away from the glorious Gulf of Mexico, the newly renovated WaterColor Beach Club, the newly renovated FOOW restaurant, and the WaterColor Inn & Spa, making it perfectly anchored within the town center to celebrate all of the goodness that the Southern lifestyle by the beach conjures up in one’s mind, whether they are here or away.


August 7, 2019