Seaside Repertory Theatre

Seaside Repertory Theatre


In summer of 2019, the Repertory Theatre (The REP) in Seaside, Florida, engaged The Idea Boutique to redesign and add content to its website at The REP has been an icon of the local arts and entertainment scene for almost twenty years, operating from the intimate seventy-five-seat Meeting Hall located in Seaside’s award-winning Hybrid building designed by international architect Steven Holl. We have been honored to support and work with The REP for many years.


In today’s digital age, a majority of web traffic comes from mobile phones and other handheld devices. It has become imperative for a business’s website to be mobile responsive—meaning the site will automatically resize and adjust its settings to be more user-friendly when viewed on a mobile device. Making a mobile-responsive website was our primary goal. This is now a key component of the site so that users can view on any device.


Our web development team also worked closely with The REP to lay out information on the new website about its many fantastic productions (including over three hundred performances per year, a film club, concert series, and more), along with its history, team, and ticket portal. The look and feel are meant to convey a professional, artistic vibe in a well-organized and easy-to-navigate portal. Populating this content meant gathering photography, copy, and videos from The REP’s archives and formatting them to meet the new site’s standards. The color scheme was modeled to reflect the red ticket-stub logo of The REP. The entire site is set up to allow users a pleasant experience, with Tickets, Shows + Events, and the Calendar being the prominent features in the navigation, as that is what most people are searching for when they visit.


Making sure key SEO—search engine optimization—practices were implemented was the final step to bringing up to speed with the best website development tools available today. We applied SEO content throughout the site’s “back end” coding. Inputting this extra layer of coded information ensures that the website will show up organically in relevant searches when users are looking on Google and other major search engines.


Visit to learn more about the Seaside Repertory Theatre, become a member, or purchase tickets today!


September 9, 2019