Made by Women for Women


The Idea Boutique’s mission when creating a newly branded suite of products, Shero, was to lead with a female-centric nutrition bar that embodies the ethos of the women’s empowerment movement and cultural shift we see today. Women today demand to be heard and to no longer live life by a set of old mores and accepted values. This shift has many iterations including the women’s marches around the country, hearings in the Senate, and the dethroning of Hollywood elite and countless others in the television and entertainment industry as well as the political arena. The current flood of colloquialisms like Girl Boss, Boss Babe, Girl Power, and so on have permeated social marketing channels, and this is all part of the new rise of the feminism movement. Shero’s brand mission and language intend to empower women in health, fitness, business, and life.


Even the name Shero comes from “She” and “Hero,” immediately letting the audience know this is a brand for strong females.


During our branding explorations and creative charrettes, The Idea Boutique team knew the Shero Bar for women needed to relate to today’s social climate as well as stand out among so many other products on the shelves. We created a concept that will not only sell the product but will also gain fans and build momentum thanks to its empowering and positive statements. Buying this product and its brand offshoots will make women feel empowered, lifted, edified, inspired, and strong. That is a lot of extra ingredients to mix into healthy and delicious recipes!




This product will cross multiple platforms including socioeconomic, demographic, and psychographic, as its appeal is found in the power of women everywhere and at different seasons in their lives. Everyone can relate to this empowerment at some point in their life. Its ethos appeals to the little girl in all of us who were told or thought we could be anything we wanted to be when we grew up and that the sky was the limit. Only our dreams could limit us to where we could and would go. It appeals to the super woman in all of us: the Shero. She is strong. She is courageous. She is speculator. She is wonderful. She is marvelous. She is fun. She is powerful. She is wise. She is tireless. She can do all things. She is happy. She is you!


Women from all walks of life will buy the Shero Bar:

  • Mothers
  • Wives
  • Athletes
  • Soldiers
  • Professionals
  • Activists
  • Students


She and Hero combined in one. Every woman can be a Shero.


Branding and Design

We felt that the approach to the branding for Shero should be feminine yet strong. Sexy yet smart. Inspirational and motivational. We first explored a modernized vintage look and feel. Rosie the Riveter is a cultural icon of World War II, representing the women who worked in factories and shipyards during the war while men were deployed, many of whom produced munitions and war supplies. These women sometimes took entirely new jobs replacing the male workers who joined the military. Their motto was “We Can Do It.” This is what women are doing again in the twenty-first century. This positioning language is not one of a victim but one of exceptional strength and fortitude. A Shero is not waiting for someone else to define her. She is defining herself and celebrating her fearlessness and wonder.


Our modern representation takes inspiration from this icon from the 1940s, along with classic superhero motifs such as stars, bolts of lightning, and other icons. Bright colors make the packaging and branding stand out, and are attractive to the female demographic to which we are aiming to market the product. The logo is bold, strong, and powerful.


In a playful nod to this ethos, the products’ list of ingredients will include things like Inspiration, Exhilaration, Courage, Strength, and Empowerment in addition to the actual ingredients.


Sheroes Unite

As an evolution of the Shero brand, we have also developed Sheroes Unite, a women-led media platform which will tell stories of people doing good to help women all over the world. Sheroes Unite will include a website with news, blogs, and spotlights on sheroes themselves, from political activists to artists, authors, chefs, and anyone else who defines the term shero! The website and its corresponding social media platforms will not only be a place for people to get inspiration content but also a marketing and selling platform for the Shero bar.


This is a growing and dynamic brand and platform with the mission to let every woman know she is a Shero!


March 6, 2020