Splendor Ridge

Splendor Ridge

A Lifestyle Steeped in Tradition


Property owner and developer Amy Smith Heinz approached The Idea Boutique team in spring of 2019 to create the branding and marketing materials for a new residential community in the charming town of Franklin, Tennessee, about twenty miles outside of Nashville.


This new residential enclave is ideally situated within the area’s incredible scenery just a few miles from the Natchez Trace Parkway, parks, and nature trails and an easy drive from sites such as the Great Smoky Mountains National Park; plus Downtown Franklin’s cultural hub of Victorian architecture, historic sites, and annual events. Tucked among the natural and architectural gems of the area, Splendor Ridge will be an oasis for residents to enjoy the best of both worlds when they create a home there.


Like Amy, we were inspired by the history and beauty of Franklin, Tennessee. With a mix of architecture taking cues from classic Southern vernacular and more modern amenities, the look and feel of the community will be inviting and familiar yet unlike anything else in the area. After meeting with Amy and sharing brainstorming charettes, we began to work on the logo and overall brand story for the new community. We began exploring a range of logo marks and type treatments using classic elements that we believe fit the timeless and sophisticated personality of the brand. These elements will be used for signage at the community’s entrance, marketing materials for prospective homeowners, the Splendor Ridge website, print advertising, and more.


Advertising Campaign

For the brand’s teaser ad campaign, a serene pastoral photo was chosen, showing the type of beautiful landscape that surrounds the town of Franklin. It truly embodies the name “Splendor Ridge.” A branded seal design with the tagline “A Lifestyle Steeped in Tradition” further enforces the sophistication conveyed by the brand to let audiences know this is a luxury residential enclave.



In keeping with the classic look and feel of the neighborhood, The Idea Boutique developed a logo with a historical yet timeless personality. We drew inspiration from horse stables and riding gear, nature, architecture, and hospitality for our logo explorations.


The final logo chosen by the client implements a simple yet classic serif type. The crossed keys give the viewer a sense of quality, class, and respect. The crossed keys are symbolic in that they represent hospitality, derived from the keys of Heaven and Earth held by Saint Peter as he welcomes souls at Heaven’s gate.


Including the lines “Est. 1902, Reimagined 2019” also lends a sense of history to the community that immediately commands respect. Adding the “reimagined” part shows that this is a new development and offers the audience a sense of creativity and curiosity that will make them want to learn more about your brand.


Brand Extensions

“Splendor Ridge” is a beautiful name that evokes a sense of serenity and natural beauty the moment you read or hear it. We proposed a tagline to go along with the name to continue the story and recognition of the brand. Various tagline ideas were surfaced as well, with “A Lifestyle Steeped in Tradition” becoming the final one chosen by the client. This immediately tells the audience that Splendor Ridge has a respect and understanding for the small-town way of life and history that people love about Franklin, Tennessee. The “Est. 1902, Reimagined 2019” lines are included here as well.


The taglines would be used throughout your branding, including your online presence. The Idea Boutique has developed a seal for the slogan, and other implementations can be developed as the community grows.



As part of the teaser campaign for Splendor Ridge, the team at The Idea Boutique also set up a landing page website at www.SplendorRidge.com. Its design evokes the beauty and simplicity of Franklin while enticing viewers to learn more about the community. A form was set up to capture information from viewers that will become prospective homeowners.


We believe that with a strong brand identity carried through all facets of the design, marketing, and architectural implementation of the neighborhood, Splendor Ridge will become a much sought-after community for upper-class residents of Franklin and an oasis for Nashville’s elite who wish to make their home outside the hustle and bustle of the city.


Rendering of Splendor Ridge by Ben Johnson


August 21, 2019