Studio 81

Studio 81

Galway, Ireland


Cofounders James and Katie Flannery engaged The Idea Boutique to help with a redesign of their company’s brand in spring of 2019, and we loved working on this project for clients who value attention to detail and craftsmanship as much as we do! Just like the ancient trees of Ireland, where they live and work, Studio 81’s custom-made wood furnishings and home products are made to stand the test of time. The Flannerys are committed to creating one-of-a-kind wood products, all meticulously handcrafted in County Galway, Ireland, from native sustainable woods.


When conducting brand studies for their new logo, our team was inspired by the old-world values that Studio 81 upholds when creating its beautiful bespoke products—but also by the company’s innovative and creative use of anchor chains and special eco-poxy resins to build furniture and home interiors unlike any other. The result of our design explorations was an array of logos we felt showcased the luxury of the brand’s products as well as its modern creativity.


The Flannerys have a history of working in the luxury yacht furnishing business, which has given them the industry wisdom to know how to treat wood products so they will weather all the elements. This sense of strength, longevity, and artisanal value will carry throughout the branding of Studio 81 with its logo mark that can be converted into a hot wood stamp or etching to be branded into its products. Creating a strong brand identity will carry throughout the company’s merchandise, signage, online presence (website, social media, etc.), and any branded materials such as business cards, product tags, brochures, or informational cards.


Our new branding for Studio 81 also includes a tagline, “Life, Furnished,” to go along with the name Studio 81 that continues telling the story and provides more recognition of the brand’s work. It says to the audience that the company creates furnishings for life—homes, commercial spaces, and anything in between.


We believe that with a strong brand identity carried through all facets of its business, Studio 81 is poised to become a well-known furnishings company providing custom woodwork and interior design throughout Ireland and beyond.


July 15, 2019