Sugar Beach Interiors

Sugar Beach Interiors

A leading interior design firm and retail outlet serving Northwest Florida and beyond since 1986, Sugar Beach Interiors was founded by designer Karen Waterfield. Its 10,000-square-foot showroom in Miramar Beach houses luxury furniture and home decor items, and its team of talented designers have procured awards across the Emerald Coast for the past several years. The Idea Boutique team has been proud to work with Sugar Beach Interiors on design and marketing projects over the past several decades.


In 2017, Sugar Beach Interiors hired The Idea Boutique to build and maintain a new website at, which includes portfolio pages of the firm’s design work, staff profiles, client testimonies, and more. The website also came with a refreshed logo design, which has become the cornerstone of Sugar Beach’s branding as we have gone on to create print and digital ad campaigns, social media graphics, e-newsletters, and even custom wraps for the company’s delivery trucks.


A beautiful home in Lafayette, Louisiana, with interiors designed by Karen Waterfield also graced the cover and interior of VIE magazine’s 2018 Home & Garden Issue, designed and published by The Idea Boutique. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Sugar Beach Interiors as they make the world more beautiful one space at a time!


September 11, 2018