The Clubs by JOE

The Clubs by JOE

A rebranding initiative for St. JOE Club & Resorts was an exciting challenge for our branding and design team. We are very pleased with the final outcome and the logo treatment chosen by the client. From concept to execution, this was a dream project as we had the benefit of standing on the shoulders of the well-established brand of the parent brand, The St. Joe Company. Since St. JOE Club & Resorts had expanded its amenities and club locations over the past several years, the need for rebranding was necessary to match the new and improved “clubs within a club” while also appealing to an emerging demographic of young families. The locations and amenities offered are robust, making it one of the most exclusive clubs in the country, and the new branding needed communicate this message moving forward.


Careful design studies and brainstorming charettes among our creative team yielded a plethora of ideas; but we always came back to a new iteration of the name with an updated and relevant twist. The primary goal was that the existing brand equity in the former name was reinvented rather than abolished—The Clubs by JOE, with “J” as their new mark, was created.


The new iteration embodies a contemporary brand but with the company’s history and strong reputation still found within. Changing the name “Club” to “Clubs” was a more accurate descriptor, as multiple locations are offered with one membership. It was prudent to keep the name “JOE,” which has tremendous brand equity and a connection that consumers had already established with The St. Joe Company and St. Joe Club & Resorts. Treating the name “Joe” in uppercase letters—JOE—also kept a connection but purposefully updated and enhanced the brand currency that already existed. Simple is always better, but simple is hard to do. To successfully yet subtly change a name with nuances that provided newness and vitality was not easy, but we feel this was accomplished from concept through to final selection.


The new brand needed to embody an upscale, legacy membership with multiple locations yet communicate that all of this was under the brand umbrella of St. Joe. Once the brand and logo were established, we created adjunct collateral, including a new membership package, an elegant invitation to new members to join the club, and other materials. The first initiative was a membership drive in the summer of 2017—a “Friends and Family Golden Ticket” invitation with the goal of increasing club membership by 100. The final result was that 150 new members joined that summer.



The Clubs by JOE


August 29, 2017