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By Lisa Burwell, Owner / Founder / Editor-in-Chief

Everyone loves to hear the backstory from the corner office. It’s usually more interesting and a lot more fun than the contrived spin most companies will give you. We’ve come a long way since our humble beginnings. When I first opened the agency in 1994, I had a dream of creating great work without being constrained by politics, committees, or a board of directors—basically, without what I used to refer as “Corporate America.” I opened the doors as a one-man show at Ruskin Place Artist Colony in Seaside, Florida, with nothing more than a dream. No money. No financial backers. No employees. What a great recipe for quickly learning how to maneuver, posture, think, and strategically figure out how to build a business with only talent and dreams as my assets.


A ten-year career as a marketeer in New England had equipped me with a solid foundation: stints at television and radio stations, a world-renowned ad agency, hotel chains, shopping centers, and commercial real estate projects. This Northerner moved south in 1992 and took a position at Seaside as the retail merchants’ marketing director. The rest is history. My pioneering and restless spirit found what it was searching for in my newfound home—South Walton—and as the decades passed, the growth and opportunities afforded to those of us who live by the beach in one of the most beautiful places on earth took shape.


A creative, bohemian spirit and a cast-your-troubles-to-the-wind mindset are found here in the midst of gorgeous beaches, bicycle rides, canoeing, paddleboarding, running, and enjoying iced tea and porch swings on lazy, hot summer days. What would you expect? After all, we live where many visitors dream of abandoning their past lives and moving to the beach like we did. Our lifestyle is one of our most treasured assets, and we fiercely protect it! To that end, we must keep our creative spirits nurtured and energized and stay ahead of the curve.


A full-service ad agency and PR firm is found at The Idea Boutique. Our creativity and desire to be on the leading edge have taken us down the publishing road since 2008. We’ve created a lifestyle magazine called VIE and an Irish travel and lifestyle magazine called Connemara Life; client magazines Sandestin LivingPortofino Life, Treasures, Where You’d Rather Be, and Goin’ to the Beach; the Panama City Beach Vacation Planner and Mexico Beach Visitors Guide; coffee-table cookbook Cast Your Bread Upon the Waters; and a memoir, Facade.


As trend forecasters, we’re a group of nimble, creative, forward-thinking individuals that have redefined thinking outside the proverbial box. With lots of talent (and even more passion), we go the extra mile because we strive for perfection and proven results. We function like a creative think tank. We believe we can do anything we set our minds to—and we believe we do it well!






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Meet the Idea Makers
The Idea Boutique Owner/Founder Lisa Burwell
Lisa Burwell
Owner / Founder / Editor-in-Chief
The Idea Boutique Staff - Gerald Burwell
Gerald Burwell
Owner / Co-founder / Publisher
The Idea Boutique Staff - Tracey Thomas
Tracey Thomas
Art Director
The Idea Boutique Staff - Jordan Staggs
Jordan Staggs
Communications Director
The Idea Boutique Staff - Meghn Hill
Meghn Hill
Digital Marketing Director
Abigail Ryan
Abigail Ryan
Assistant to the President
Olivia Pierce
Olivia Pierce
Graphic Designer
Hannah Vermillion
Hannah Vermillion
Graphic Designer
The Idea Boutique Staff - Sharon Duane
Sharon Duane
Office Manager (Ireland)

Our Offices

USA | Ireland


Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

Sunshine, white sand, and the shimmering Gulf of Mexico are just a few of the reasons we love living and working here. Another is our fantastic clients, from tourism industries to creative artists.


Clifden, Co. Galway

We don’t mean to brag, but both our offices are in some of the world’s most beautiful places. The Idea Boutique was proud to open its international branch in August 2014 and has loved being part of the Connemara lifestyle!