Gioia, a fine jewelry and gifts boutique in Seaside, Florida, is the sister store to Destin Jewelers, a long-standing client of The Idea Boutique with a relationship spanning fifteen years. Owner of both boutiques, Lisa Peters, has a gift for buying unique and beautiful pieces of jewelry, accessories, and home goods that you can’t find anywhere else.


Gioia has its own identity separate from Destin Jewelers, which is reflected in its store design, location, and even the products offered. The store can be described as having a fresh, minimalist approach in its design and products. The storefront was getting lost behind trees and an outdoor seating area in Seaside, Florida, which made it intimidating for customers to walk past the imaginary threshold into the front door, so we designed chic storefront awnings that would make a statement to combat these obstacles and draw in more foot traffic. We also refreshed the store’s logo, adding a single color to the letter “o”. The look now embodies a luxurious European storefront which nonverbally lets the consumer know that a myriad of unique products is inside.


From logo to signage to product selection, your brand is always being monitored; and if one element is incongruous, the consumer will know, even if only on a subconscious level. Since the name Gioia (Joy-Ah) when translated from Italian means “joy,” our branding moniker built a campaign theme around the name of the store called “Choose JOY!” When someone goes shopping for jewelry for themselves or as a gift, it is usually a happy, fun, and joyous experience—so we played on the innate emotions that transpire when shopping for jewelry. Our print campaign was photographed in the beautiful town of Seaside where Gioia is located on the Panhandle of Florida, one of the first New Urbanism communities in the country. It was a creative director’s dream. From purple walls to the Gulf of Mexico and trendy Airstream food trailers, the shoot was full of summertime fun and much more. It was a delight to create this campaign for Gioia!


Gioia Photo Shoot

Photos from the photo shoot.


August 29, 2017