The Jewel

The Jewel

Welcome to The Jewel, where Modern Jewelry is Redefined for the customer who, in a world filled with abundant choices, knows the only one that matters is the one that brings joy and celebration into their lives.


In early 2018, The Idea Boutique created and curated a new look and brand for the well-established Destin Jewelers, which was not only moving to a new location at Grand Boulevard Town Center in Miramar Beach, Florida, but also reestablishing its brand as a current and contemporary purveyor of fine jewelry and gifts.


Finding the perfect name was not an easy task, and we studied this throughout many brainstorming meetings until we found The Jewel. It has the right tone for a boutique that sells unique and fashion-forward jewelry brands and communicates that shopping here is the definitive and best experience one can find. This playful and simply elegant vibe carried into the boutique’s new logo and custom signage for the store, as well.


The brand’s ethos is reflected in its motto, “She Shines.” This very strategic and purposeful phrase communicates volumes about the heart of The Jewel. It’s a boutique with an intent to make women feel their best and most beautiful. Owner Lisa Peters and her team want their customers to have fun, feel good, and be empowered.


When you walk through the door of The Jewel, you know you’ve entered an exceptional boutique where you’ll find that attention to detail embodies the very brand. Its decor can be described as eclectic chic, with an enormous Ashley Longshore painting of Audrey Hepburn with a peacock on her head that proudly and boldly greets you when you enter. The branding took inspiration from the larger-than-life art piece that emanates fun, joy, liveliness, and female empowerment. It sets the tone for the boutique, and as brand storytellers and curators, we recommended this creative alignment for the art to be part of the brand at The Jewel. A centripetal force, actually! The exterior window will feature Ashley Longshore wallpaper by Flavor Paper, a sea of precious jewels gracing its walls with jewelry on display, plush velvet furniture, and a chandelier. The Idea Boutique joined forced with Burwell Associates & Architecture, our in-house architectural design firm, to create a space where branding and architecture merged creative forces thoughtfully and purposefully from start to finish. We call this “Branditecture!”


The brand’s collateral is also layered with its ethos, from packaging to custom buttons with empowering and inspirational statements and the peacock acting as the mascot. Peacocks are not shy about their plumage, and neither should women be shy about just how great they are!


Once the branding was solidified and The Jewel came to life, it was time to implement that into a beautiful and functional website. The Idea Boutique secured the domain at and created a site complete with lookbooks and lists of the brands found at the store, along with a blog that will allow The Jewel to generate traffic through optimizing its organic search opportunities across the web.


Stop by The Jewel, which opened in May 2018 at 495 Grand Boulevard, Suite J-108, Miramar Beach, Florida, where you can Be Bold, Be Beautiful, Be Confident, Be Unique, and Be You!




August 2, 2018