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VIE Magazine

At the beginning of the economic downturn, we started our venture into the publishing arena. Since then, The Idea Boutique’s luxury lifestyle publication, VIE magazine, has taken the Northwest Florida area by storm. We publish the magazine, develop the branding and design, formulate the marketing strategy, and also take care of social marketing, public relations, and web development. Since the magazine was released, it has won various awards and has received many honors.


VIE magazine is a monthly publication that celebrates the heart and soul of the world through thoughtful stories and rich photography. Fashion, travel, philanthropy, art, culture, music, and human interest pieces are found in the pages of VIE and online at We love sharing feel-good stories of real people doing extraordinary things, as well as celebrities talking about their true passions and philanthropic endeavors. Since 2008, the magazine has flourished, with distribution in many airports, newsstands, and supermarkets and on the shelves of some of the country’s top-selling bookstores. Notable cover stars include Robert Redford, Carrie Underwood, Livia Firth, Morgan James, ZZ Top, Emeril Lagasse, Naomi Campbell, Kristin Chenoweth, and Christian Siriano, as well as artworks by Picasso, Ashley Longshore, Shantell Martin, and Justin Gaffrey.


Services Rendered:
– Marketing Strategy
– Consultation
– Branding & Design
– Web Development
– Public Relations
– Social Marketing
– Email Marketing
– Online Advertising
– Video & Broadcast
– Publishing
– Photo Shoots


– 3 Best of Show ADDY Awards
– 47 Gold ADDY Awards
– 26 Silver ADDY Awards


Cover Photoshoots

Some of our favorite VIE covers, all of which were created from inception to completion by our publishing team at Cornerstone Marketing and Advertising.

Editorial Feature Celebrating Sinfonia Gulf Coast’s 10-Year Anniversary, featuring Kristin Chenoweth and Christian Siriano’s Designs Photoshoot

The epic photo shoot that took place in the United Palace Theatre in Spanish Harlem, New York City, was a magical experience. Demetrius Fuller, the founder and maestro of Sinfonia Gulf Coast solicited our marketing and publishing expertise to celebrate Sinfonia’s ten-year anniversary. A meeting ensued, and the idea was birthed to photograph many of NYC’s big-name entertainers who have performed with Sinfonia over the years in a Vanity Fair–esque foldout cover. The VIE/The Idea Boutique creative team handpicked Christian Siriano couture gowns and the astute and talented Italian photographer Carlo Pieroni with whom we have worked with on past VIE covers and feature shoots. Kristin Chenoweth lead the star-powered ensemble along with our twelve-man crew to create magic.


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